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42% of millennials will buy Bitcoin in the next 5 years

A recent study carried out by The Harris Poll, on behalf of Blockchain Capital delivered some interesting and positive results with respect to Bitcoin demographics. This was the second survey carried out in April 2019, still very much within a bear market. This is in stark contrast to the original survey carried out in October 2017, at a point where Bitcoin very much within a bull market, and up over 800% from the preceding 12 months.

Some of the key findings from the report were as follows:

  • Bitcoin is very much a demographic mega-trend, led by younger age groups
  • Regardless of age, almost 90% of people surveyed had at least heard of Bitcoin
  • The younger demographic agreed more strongly that “Bitcoin is a positive innovation in financial technology”
  • Over 25% of people surveyed responded positively to the likelihood to buy Bitcoin in the next 5 years. Significantly, this figure was over 40% for those aged 18-34.
  • Over 10% currently already own Bitcoin, with this figure being 20% in the 18-34 age range

We can see here is a clear trend amongst 18-34-year-olds surveyed, having a positive outlook for the future of Bitcoin. The findings should not really come as a surprise, but it very encouraging to see that, despite the bear market – the longer-term bias remains encouraging.

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