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176 days later, Bitcoin is undisputedly back above $6000

Bitfinex had Bitcoin priced above $6000 a few days ago, yet much of the crypto community dismissed this due to the Tether premium fiasco supposedly delivering exaggerated prices. However, overnight every other exchange now has BTC over the key $6ooo level, and there is no dispute this time.

Many had been anticipating either a slow down in momentum or a pullback in price, before even potentially tanking to new lows. Yet, it’s bullish momentum has continued further. Media attention has noticed this move, and Bitcoin is slowly making its way back into the headlines, just months after it was mocked for falling to the $3000’s region. Despite this, Bitcoin is still well ahead in comparisons of the best investments of 2019.

With Bitcoin recently illustrating the highly bullish “Golden Cross”, and $6000 now reached, the 6-month high has people wondering if they may have missed the “bottom”. Will this be the beginning of a longer-term surge that will result in all-time highs, not only for BTC, but the entire cryptocurrency market?

Bitcoin image licensed via Shutterstock.

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