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$10B asset manager takes portion of treasury and puts it in Bitcoin

  • Stone Ridge is an asset manager to top financial advisors, institutions and insurance companies
  • They have just purchased 10,000BTC using funds from their treasury
  • The same tone has been taken by MicroStrategy and Square

Stone Ridge Holdings Group

Stone Ridge is a New York based asset manager with over $10,000,000,000 worth of assets. The holdings group happens to be the asset manager of top financial advisors, institutions and insurance companies.


Stone Ridge needed a safe and efficient way to turn fiat into Bitcoin and then Bitcoin into fiat. This was crucial as it needed to carry large amounts of capital (execution and custody) and there could not be any errors involved. That’s why they created their own subsidiary NYDIG that would handle this by creating custom funds targeting different clientele.

NYDIG is now used by banks and registered investment advisors to the ultra rich. The firm now custodies over $1 billion.

Stone Ridge Treasury

Part of Stone Ridge’s latest treasury research strategy was to allocate a significant portion to Bitcoin. In fact they purchased 10,000BTC, worth north of $100 million. Multiple other firms have shown their belief in Bitcoin as an asset that would preserve value for them, of which are MicroStartegy and Jack Dorsey’s Square.

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