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0x v3 proposal accepted, ETH mainnet to launch on Nov 25th

The 0x team had a huge announcement regarding their v3.0 last night, the proposal had been formally accepted and it will go live on the Ethereum mainnet later this month. The official date for launch is November 25th. The vote was given to ZRX holders over “ZEIP-56” who approved the proposal by a huge 99%-1% in favour.

Announced on the 0x blog, the post described the update “will deepen networked liquidity and improve the developer experience building on 0x“. The release outlined all steps needed to migrate from v2 to 3 and given specific instructions to DeFi integrators, Market Makers, Relayer and Arb Bots/Algo traders.

With the advancement of decentralised exchanges a key component in the Crypto space, ZRX holders will be glad to see that the 0x team have done a great job to continue building through the “crypto winter”. With 3.0 bringing features such as staking, the project is very much alive and may well be one of the top performing altcoins going forward.

Image c/o 0x Blog

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