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BadgerDAO fell victim to a $130M exploit

BadgerDAO has fallen victim to a front-end exploit that led to the theft of $130 million in various cryptocurrencies. A single user lost $50…

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The State of the Crypto Market

In this episode of The Cryptonary Podcast, our new host Stan interviews Karim in order to…

Thinking like a successful investor

This episode talks about the mindset and framework successful investors use to analyse market conditions to…

The Giga-Brain Strategy with Eugene

In this episode of the Cryptonary Podcast, our host Stan talks to Eugene about a big…
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President Bukele attacks Peter Schiff after Bitcoin purchase

El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele attacked Peter Schiff on Twitter after he criticized the country's recent purchase of 150 Bitcoin. Peter Schiff…

Crypto lender Celsius allegedly affected by BadgerDAO exploit

On-chain data suggests that Celsius Network may have fallen victim to the BadgerDAO exploit, losing $50 million. The hack’s biggest victim  DeFi…
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India is moving forward with regulation, Cabinet documents suggest

The regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies in India is now a little clear. As per reports from the local media and other prominent…

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